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We know the parenthood club is the best club in the world, but also one of the most challenging!!! We've created our unique baby milestone cards to celebrate those real moments of parenting like 'today I was sick in someones mouth oops!'

We hope you enjoy using them and capturing those precious memories along the way. They also make the perfect gift for any new or existing parenting and come packaged in our luxury brown box with velvet cushioned insert.

Each Pack Contains
  • 19 milestone cards to be used as a photo prop or keepsake
  • 1 blank card for you to write your own personalised milestone
  • 4 stickers to mark having made it through the first year
  • Remember to tag us on instagram @couturemomentsforyou so we can share your journey!
Cards read:
  • Today I decided to scream, all day long, for no reason at all
  • Today we managed to leave the house within 2 hours
  • Today I was sick in someones mouth oops!
  • Today I refused to wear any clothes
  • Today I had a massive public tantrum
  • Someone forgot to cut my nails, and now I look like Edward Scissorhands
  • Today I look homeless as I was dressed by my daddy
  • Last night I decided to wake up every single hour!
  • Today I did my first poo in the bath
  • Someone dropped their phone on my head when taking my photo
  • Today mummy replaced sterilising with a lick and wipe on her t-shirt
  • Today mummy filtered the hell out of her first hospital selfie
  • Today someone told mummy how to look after me properly
  • Today I decided I don't need to eat anymore
  • Today I weed over everything except the 24 hour dry nappy
  • My new favourite toys are: car keys, plug sockets, cables, mobile phone, bins 
  • Today I chewed & licked (BLANK) shoe clean
  • Today I decided I don't need to sleep anymore
  • Today I was called the opposite gender by a stranger
  • Blank card for your personalised milestone
Sticker reads:
  • We made it through the first year
  • Our milestone cards are 13 cm by 16.7 cm
  • Our cards are printed on the finest 350gsm card 
  • Our specialist printers ensure the highest resolution and silk lamination finish

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